120 housing units in ParlaInnovation and high-qualitydesign as Social Housingstandards

Project Info
typologyResidential. 120 units
area12215 m2
locationParla, Madrid

Aitor Estévez Olaizola

120 housingunits in Parla

The Project consists in creating 120 public housing units under lease for young people. It is located in a new urban expansion area in the town of Parla (Madrid, Spain).

The main objective of public housing developments is to meet as many needs of housing as possible, from the materials and dimensional standards determined, considering the available resources (of ground and funding).

Technical design standards and the quality of public housing have largely determined the projected solution, on its surface, number of bedrooms, etc…

Therefore, the projects responds to the needs of low-cost housing for rent and minimum sizes for young people.

The team decided to adopt a typology of open blocks in the plot.

Therefore, the final result is a large spatial unit with two linear blocks that are adapted to the topography of the plot. With this volumetric distribution, the project achieves an optimum performance of the plot in terms of number of houses and their quality, and at the same time reflects the urban application.

Built following clear sustainable architecture concepts, the building is composed of two distinct elements connected by means of a street located in the middle of the site. One of these elements is an administrative building, the other the main health building. Both are organized around a courtyard, which helps resolve hygrothermal issues, giving the building a strong environmentally respectful identity.