BYPILLOW BOUTIQUE HOTELA new form of accommodationfocused on the customerexperience

Project Info
Area1100 m2
LocationBilbao, Spain
ByPillowBoutique Hotel

ByPillow was founded in 2010, to upgrade 2- and 3-star hotels, a market that had not been exploited before. After its beginnings in Madrid and Barcelona, Bilbao was the target for the opening of a new boutique hotel.

The existing building, located in one of the most privileged areas of the city, was transformed thanks to the design of BAT.

 By Pillow offers a new form of accommodation focused on the customer experience, with unique facilities equipped with all the necessities and a value proposition based on efficiency and technology.

Following these criteria, BAT creates a disruptive product with its own personality, based on the critical elements for today's traveller: Location, Comfort, Accessibility and Efficiency.

A major reform was undertaken, a restructuring of the building and a fundamental image change because we know that this is the way to achieve profitability for our customers and their investors.


Since travelling is more than just visiting the city, but also living and enjoying it according to one's rhythm, a space for socialising and working has been created so that the hotel can adapt to the user and his needs.

A hotel is no longer just a hotel. Coworking, coliving, meeting spaces and coexistence. We are transforming the hotel concept by creating a new form of accommodation around the guest, where technology, design and comfort create a disruptive proposal with very high added value. thus, we are following the global trend towards smart living.


The hotel has 35 rooms that can serve a wide range of customers, from single rooms with workspace for a business trip to large rooms for family travel 

With a simple design adapted to the budget, comfortable and charming rooms are created, in line not only with the standards of the brand but also with the location of Bilbao, an urban facility with an industrial character.

Together we transform the hotel concept by creating a new form of accommodation around the guest.