GOeAn interaction centerapplied to the gastronomysphere

Project Info
Project Team
TypologyEducational / Cultural
ClientPrivate, Basque Culinary Center
Area9000 m2
LocationSan Sebastián
Design ArchitectBIG, Bjarke Ingels Group
Executive ArchitectBAT
Facilities EngineerNaven Ingenieros
Structure EngineerIner Ingeniería
Envelope ConsultancyEnar Architectural envelopes
Acoustic ConsultancySonen Ingeniería acústica
Landscape DesignLur Paisajistak
Health and SafetyIngecor
BIM ManagerAinhoa Carreras
Quantity SurveyorAlberto Carretero
GOe, GastronomyOpen Ecosystem

The Basque Culinary Center is a global pioneering academic institution created by 8 of the best Basque chefs and the University of Mondragón.

Since it was created in September 2011, it is working to become the global point of reference in this field, as well as to boost cuisine as leverage for socio-economic development.
The Basque Culinary Center, 10 years after its creation, evolves and proposes the creation of a new infrastructure, an ecosystem of gastronomic innovation.

Gastronomy has shown in recent years its contribution as an engine of economic and social development. At the same time, it serves as a means to express cultural values and an identity to the world.

Gastronomy integrates a wide value chain. In addition, it does so at all levels, local, national and international.

On these pillars, GOe was born and will grow, a unique talent ecosystem, a center for Creativity, Innovation and Development for the gastronomy value chain.

Our work begins with the design of the personalized work process that involves all the different players at the BCC within a design thinking method. This way, representative teachers, researchers and general managers within the institution work together with BAT on a strategic approach for the project’s requirements and needs.

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Identification of the different agents of the project

Companies, entrepreneurs, students, researchers, institutions... all of them will make up the multidisciplinary identity of GOe. Both the physical infrastructure and the digital environment of the global network of nodes will converge in different ways in the innovation ecosystem.

Interactions and joint value proposition

These agents will be able to develop their own initiatives in the physical center (innovation district) thanks to the common and shared use infrastructures that will be provided to them from GOe.

The project team, a multidisciplinary project

In the development phase of the project, and in order to fulfill the aspirational objectives, the whole team, formed by BCC experts, BIG and BAT, looked for innovative solutions to create a space where the different actors of this complex ecosystem could interact, create and generate new value for the whole gastronomy chain. 

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Uses, relationships and interactions between the different users of GOe

Uses, relationships and interactions between the different users of GOe

Entrepreneurship support and talent attraction agents

Entrepreneurs,  business generating agents

Talent and Education, knowledge generating agents.

Technology center, expert knowledge.


Logistics & general services

Uses, relationships and interactions between the different users of GOe

Identification of spaces by uses and typologies.


As a first task, BAT in collaboration with BIG is leading a highly in-depth research and analysis process of the project’s context in order to then move on to defining the strategic lines of the challenge and the translation of the detected needs in the team into specific spaces. Executive documents for the project are drafted and a first approach towards the prototype for the spaces that will make up this 9,000 sqm building is made.


GOe will serve as a catalyst for companies, entrepreneurs and multidisciplinary talent, becoming a world benchmark in the gastronomy field, a space where to see, develop and taste the food of the future.

The conceptualization of an urban infrastructure where education, research and innovation meet in a unique space for cuisine development, promotion and dissemination