Healthcare Centre in PeruA new healthcare modelfor Peru

Project Info
TypologyHealthcare centre
Area5.604 m2
LocationLima, Peru, South America
HealthcareCentre in Peru

Dedicated to the social and economic development of Peru, Intercorp, a prominent business group in South America with over 75,000 employees, has partnered with IDEO, a globally renowned innovation consultancy, to drive innovative projects and venture into new business opportunities. Collaborating closely with IDEO's team, we serve as spatial consultants for this project that aims to redefine the healthcare model of Peru.

The initial task involves translating the needs, problems, and approaches in the healthcare sector into the design of the first 6,000 sqm Health Center in Lima. The consultancy is focused on creating an executive dossier and establishing the project's action strategies and foundations.


Translating the needs, problems and approaches in the healthcare sector, with the design of the first 6,000 sqm Health Center in Lima.

Operating within a large project team and employing a design thinking methodology, our team is charged with designing the Health Center as the flagship of a nationwide network of health centers. The project is approached from various perspectives, with key focuses on:

  • Creating a Recognizable Brand Image: Developing a design code adaptable to different environments and locations to establish a consistent and recognizable brand image for the healthcare infrastructure.
  • Constructive Strategies and Standardization: Conducting a study on constructive strategies and systems that facilitate the standardization of construction and growth models for subsequent centers.
  • Mapping Users, Spaces, and Relationships: Identifying and prioritizing different spaces, designing their aesthetic and functional features in alignment with user needs.
  • Integration of Everyday Technology: Incorporating everyday technology into the design to enhance personal and professional relationships.

This multi-disciplinary project was executed involving participants from various fields, such as doctors, nurses, economists, lawyers and also and the more important ones, the future users of the infrastructure.

Mindful of the pollution and adverse environmental conditions in the surrounding area, the building is designed to shield its interiors, creating a unique and protected space. A central green courtyard, rich with local trees and plants, is strategically placed at the heart of the structure. This thoughtful placement ensures that both bedrooms and consultation spaces benefit from comfortable air quality, natural ventilation, and optimal lighting conditions.