Negresco Hotel

Negresco HotelA hotel where traditionmeets modernity

Project Info
Area590 m2
LocationMadrid, Spain

A project nestled in the heart of Madrid – a hotel that seamlessly marries the historic charm of the city with a modern and sophisticated design ethos. Our vision for this project centers on a harmonious interplay of textures and colors, transforming the space into an inviting haven for discerning travelers.

As you step into the hotel, you are greeted by the captivating blend of rough textures, showcasing the enduring beauty of old brick and stone walls. These weathered elements narrate the rich history of Madrid, forming a backdrop that resonates with authenticity. The juxtaposition of these rugged surfaces with the vibrant hues of elegant textiles creates a captivating visual symphony, establishing a well-balanced and welcoming atmosphere.

One of the key design features is the strategic use of soft and expansive curtain surfaces, strategically placed to artfully contrast with the cool solidity of the walls. These curtains not only serve a functional purpose, offering privacy and diffusing natural light, but also contribute to the overall aesthetic by introducing an element of warmth and softness.

Negresco Hotel

The pièce de résistance lies in the carefully curated selection of furniture that graces the hotel's interiors. Each piece has been chosen with meticulous attention to detail, contributing to an atmosphere of refined luxury. Brass finishes take center stage, bestowing a timeless and sophisticated elegance to the space. The interplay of textures, colors, and materials results in a visual tapestry that is both visually striking and inviting.

In this architectural endeavor, we aimed not only to create a hotel but to craft an immersive experience that celebrates the spirit of Madrid. The design pays homage to the city's history while embracing contemporary aesthetics, ensuring that every corner tells a story and invites guests into a world of comfort and style. A hotel where tradition meets modernity, and where every detail has been thoughtfully considered to elevate your stay to an unforgettable experience.

Rough textures are combined with colorful and elegant textiles and furniture.

Negresco Hotel