The loopRedefining the standardsof luxury and hospitality

Project Info
Area350000 m2
LocationBaku, Azerbaijan
The Loop

As a unique project, it is right and proper that this building has its own recognisable identity and captures the spirit that the country wishes to project to the outside world.

It forms a distinctive dialogue that foregrounds Azerbaijan's traditional values, rich culture and people while sending a message of welcome to visitors. 

The goal is to restore these proud traditions, transfer them to modern times and create a contemporary image. To recover this formal expressiveness inherent in the land, an iconic building is designed. The design opens the doors to a future where opposites coexist in harmony. Tradition and modernity. Nature and city. 

A project where nature and the city merge and look like one, where nature intervenes as another element of the project. Wind and sea as part of the building, blurring the boundary with the city.


The building looms over the landscape like a great ship with three masts, sailing into the future of the land, driven by the stormy winds of Baku.

‘The Loop’ is something truly new and innovative. A tourist attraction like no other, sailing through the skies of Baku. This would undoubtedly make this project stand out, give it a unique identity and attract visitors of all ages and countries.

Creating a unique identity for Baku, the city of winds.

Luxury apartments, premium terraces and breathtaking views.

The plan is for a true mixed-use project with three towers and 350,000 square meters. The building includes a large shopping mall, parking lots, a business centre, a hotel and residential towers with all community facilities.