Altos Reales IPause inCosta del Sol

Project Info
TypologyHome renovation
Area400 m2
LocationMarbella, Spain
Altos Reales I

Over time, black and white have evolved into a distinct decorative style. The essence of pure Nordic design has introduced this timeless color combination, seamlessly weaving it into the fabric of interior aesthetics and transforming it into a lifestyle characterized by simplicity and elegance. Enveloped in a palette of light tones, we strive for purity and luminosity, with black accents strategically introduced in select elements to infuse sophistication into the home as per the client's discerning taste.

A notable feature of the space is the expansive wine cabinet, strategically placed to delineate the dining and living areas. While facilitating communication between these zones, it acts as a central nucleus, around which various living spaces organically unfold.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Ascending to the upper floor, the master suite takes center stage. Its bathroom is a serene oasis surrounded by nature, courtesy of the encompassing perimeter terrace. This outdoor space, cleverly transformed into a low-maintenance garden, imparts an intimate ambiance to the room—a sanctuary for relaxation and immersion in natural serenity.