IB HouseWood carvedatmosphere

Project Info
TypologySingle-family home
Area910 m2
LocationGaldakao, Biscay
IB House

In the conception of this two-family house, energy efficiency and the use of materials with low environmental impact are combined with the search for a unique spatial experience:

Two forceful lines cross the built volume, generating double and triple height spaces that offer very special relationships between the different rooms of the dwelling. In addition, these generated cracks project the two houses to the outside; blurring the limits with the landscape and nature surround them.

Around 50% of CO2 emissions in the 
world are related to the construction sector. Becoming aware of this, betting on homes with a low ecological footprint, is an unavoidable responsibility today.

In this way, and taking advantage of the existence of a leading local industry derived from the construction tradition of the region, wood is chosen as the main material of the project. This makes up both the structure and the façade system, giving a strong character to both the exterior and interior of the homes.

Thus, principles such as circular economy and kilometer 0 products are very present in the project.

Architecture and design as a path to a more sustainable future
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Ground floor

House A:

Hall. 7,20 m2, Studio  11,95 m2, Bathroom  5,06 m2,  Kitchen  14,82 m2, Living room  22,87 m2


House B:

Hall  8,80 m2, Bathroom  5,73 m2, Kitchen  20,92 m2, Living room  26,30 m2, Bedroom  9,66 m2

First floor

House A:

Hallway  9,96 m2, Bathroom  5,03 m2, Bedroom I  15,26 m2, Bedroom II  13,16 m2, Master Bedroom  25,66 m2, Master Bathroom  8,55 m2


House B:

Hallway  11,57 m2, Bathroom  5,62 m2, Bedroom I  10,78 m2, Bedroom II  11,68 m2, Bedroom III  14,52 m2, Master Bedroom  18,96 m2, Master Bathroom  5,77 m2